We hope you don’t have a flash website….because they are becoming dead!

Consumers are spending more time on mobile apps than on the web for the first time, a new report claims.Flurry compared its mobile data to stats from comScore and Alexa, and found that in June, consumers spent 81 minutes per day using mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes of web surfing. (See chart below.) The shift comes as combined tablet and smartphone shipments eclipsed those of desktops and notebooks for the first time, according to a recent report by Mary Meeker, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Flurry found consumers spend 9% more time, on average, using mobile apps. The report found that the growth in mobile app usage came mostly from more sessions per user, rather than longer sessions overall. Those sessions, by and large, are consumed by the use of games and social media apps, which took 47% and 32% of the total amount of time used for such apps.If the stats bear out, the data is vindication for Wired, which last year declared “The Web is Dead,” and predicted that apps would soon overtake it.



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How to Brand Your Business

What does Branding Your Business Mean?

Branding your business is as simple as this. You need to define who you are as a business and what you stand for. Start with defining your target market…Ask yourself who do you want to buy your product or service. What are their demographics? From there you define yourself and who you are as an individual and who your “brand” is. Without branding yourself you are just another graphic designer (in my case). You need to keep everything cohesive from you logo all the way down to your email signature. If you want your business to succeed it is best to invest into who you are from the get go. Anyone can start a business but it takes a lot of determination and long nights for it to succeed for longer that the average 3-5 year start ups. So stop being scared and find a graphic designer to help you brand yourself! It is the most important part of your business; telling the customer “Who You Are”!

What is Social Media Networking?

It is the most inexpensive and powerful way to advertise and meet new people who need your business. There is so much out there from blogs, Facebook, twitter, pinterest etc that small business owners have a hard time keeping up on it all.  If you want to insure that your fans and likes are growing in number you need to maintain it! Do you just not have the time because your business is swamped with current customer or do you have another job? Social Media Marketing will help you with continuing to get new clients. Contact Wayne Mackenzie of Sara Mackenzie Design Studio to take advantage of our wonderful packages!

A vintage cohesive marketing plan for Provence BRIDE!

New Packages for your small business!



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Happy Weekend!

Hope You All Have a Fabulous Weekend!

xoxo Bailey 

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Summertime is here!

*summer begins

*surfing at the beach

*long days by the pool with the ipad


*trips to palm springs



*cold drinks



* popsicles (you’re never too old)

* baseball games

*flip flops



*bright nail polish

*mom & dads anniversary

I could go on and on…

but I’d love to know,

what are you looking forward to in June?

XOXO The Mackenzie’s

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Our New Office!

We have been working on transforming our new office into something that works for the two of us. It still has a lot of work but here is the pieces that are pretty much finished. We are now more inspired by all the pink and organization. Work with what you got for now is our new motto! 

xoxo Sara & Wayne

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The shoot of my portfolio…

I have been looking for the right photographer to understand my vision. Since I am very non-traditional I wanted my portfolio to reflect who I really am. Non of that straight down studio shots or even a screen shot because the items never actually made it to press. NOPE! When I met Sheri with Tangerine Tree Photography I knew she was something special. She took my portfolio and made it something amazing! I will be using her from now on, she read my mind to a T without me being there.

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Spring Cleaning= deal on our old stock!

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We are cleaning out our drawers of stuff we don’t use or need anymore! You can buy things individually or as a package. I have stamps, scrap paper for samples, bundles of different envelopments and paper source envelopes and paper! Whole package of stuff $125 plus shipping if needed. Individual prices upon request. Books are sold at $8 a piece plus $4 shipping each.

Call us 619-244-9228

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